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Movement Difficulties in Developmental Disorders | Michael Wade | DMCN Book Review

December 2, 2019

In this podcast, Michael Wade talks about his book 'Movement Difficulties in Developmental Disorders' that he wrote with David Sugden. About the book: This book presents the latest evidence-based approaches to assessing and managing movement disorders in children. Uniquely, children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD) and children with movement difficulties as a co-occurring secondary characteristic of another development disorder, including ADHD, ASD, and Dyslexia, are discussed. It will prove a valuable guide for anybody working with children with movement difficulties, including clinicians, teachers and parents. Guidelines are underpinned by motor learning theory, empiricism and professional practice. Case studies demonstrate the adaptability of these guidelines and show how they may be applied to children of different ages, abilities, and environments. Includes interviews of thirteen notable clinicians and academics with intervention methodologies from around the world. Readership: Paediatricians, occupational/physical therapists, educational psychologists, teachers (physical education, early childhood development, elementary education), and parents.




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